Friends of Honduras

Thank you for visiting Berkshire Amistad, which needs your help.

Shipping good used hospital equipment is the best way to help Honduras for a couple of reasons.

First, hospitals and schools are constantly replacing and upgrading equipment. I have created a working relationship with the hospitals in the USA, and they donate the equipment to Berkshire Amistad.

Second, a container of bananas is delivered to our area every week from the Port of Delaware. When we have a container’s worth of donated items ready for shipment, they send a truck to our local warehouse, then the shipping company delivers the donated items to Intibuca Honduras.

We have two containers ready to ship. I need everyone’s help to raise the $11,200 shipping cost for them. You will see from the donation list that these two containers will deliver well over $100,000 worth of equipment and material. The mayor of Intibuca will receive the donations and distribute all the equipment throughout Intibuca.

Donations from Berkshire Amistad, fall 2019, to the people of Intibuca, Honduras:

15 Hospital beds
9 boxes of adult diapers
35 Clinic Hospital beds
3 boxes assorted medical supplies
10 stretchers
4 cases enfamil
2 Hospital Cribs
1 pop-up tent
10 Exam/ Maternity tables
1 welder
13 Vital signs monitors
1 photocopy machine
2 electro-surgical generators
6 piano
1 ultrasound
5 musical instruments
1 blatter scanner
10 fans
1 ECG simulator
1 small oxygen bottle
1 dental compressor
25 canes
1 dental sterilizer
50 walkers
1 dental x-ray
100 bags of clothes and uniforms
10 adult scales
250 crutches
1 baby scale
50 wheelchairs
20 filing cabinets
2 bicycles
3 mini fridge
4 scaffolding
18 wood tables folding legs
4 coffee makers
8 lights (5big, 3small)
2 prosthetic legs
85 folding chairs
1 box of braces
10 office chairs
10 thermo containers
1 denture laboratory
10 IV poles
50 soccer balls
3 hoyer lifts