Major Projects

Without your financial support there would be no projects! Please donate today!

Guaimaca, Honduras

Guiamaca classroom
Guiamaca classroom
We built an education center in Guaimaca which includes a library and another building housing a variety of activities. Three college students run the library and lead classes in a variety of subjects. The Green Cross has a clinic, office, and dorm providing services in the main building. Music, ceramics and baking classes are offered so long as funding is available.

We need your financial support to keep this center functioning. You are invited to come along with us to Guaimaca in mid-February 2018, where accommodations are free if you volunteer to teach a class! Phone 413-645-2003 for more information.

La Esperanza, Intibuca Honduras

We had been sending containers filled with goods and supplies to Intibuca/La Esperanza for years before the local Savings & Loan, CACIL, learned about us and established a foundation to assist our projects.

Today, we are preparing to ship two containers with things like hospital beds, dental & medical equipment, school equipment & supplies, anything sports-related; all the empty spaces will be filled with clothes and shoes. We need donations of clothing and shoes and more importantly we need help loading the container.

When the empty shipping container arrives at our W. Stockbridge facility, on a Tuesday, we will have only fours hours to fill it – phone 413-645-2003 for more information.

Malpaisillo, Nicaragua

Berkshire Amistad was started in 1986 by Susan Gordon and Jim Moran. Pittsfield, MA and Malpiasillo, Nicaragua have been Sister Cities since 1992, with a focus on education and health. We are making plans for a two week visit during March 2018. Our plan is to work in the library, get to know the community, and spend time on the beach!

For more information, Eddie will make a presentation at the Pittsfield library, Dec. 14, at 7pm – or phone 413-645-2003.